It’s the capital of Queensland and it’s a hub for fun packed action. The city it’s self is always buzzing and everyone always seems to be on the go. Brisbane has more to offer than city life though. There are a lot of beautiful parks to visit, a picturesque river running through it and of course the long beach where you can unwind.

What’s the weather like?

Unlike more northern parts of straya, Brisbane has all four seasons;

  • Winter – (June – August) Temperatures average between 10 – 20 degrees c. I know I wish England’s winter was the same! It can be quite cool in the evenings and early morning. Jumpers needed.
  • Spring – (September – November) Just slightly warmer than winter, temps creeping up to around 15 – 25 degrees c.
  • Summer – (December – February) It starts getting really hot and humid. Around 25 – 30 degrees c most days. It does rain a lot during these months, so bring a raincoat.
  • Autumn – (