Well g’day mate!! Ok, that’s the first and last one of those, sorry!!

If you are thinking about heading down under or might have already been and are planning on a return visit. Then it will be the best thing you ever do. This I can guarantee.

I spent 5 years in ‘straya’ exploring as much as I could and it was the best time of my life. Feeling the warmth of the sun, watching the incredible wildlife, swimming in the clearest oceans, meeting the funniest (fact) people on earth. It doesn’t get much better. I had been in and out of Australia so many times I was stopped a few times for questioning (See link for amusing story).

Australia is a hub for backpackers old and young. People are drawn to the laid back lifestyle and the beauty and diversity of the nature. It’s activity central. You can walk, run, surf, rock climb, road trip, kayak. Oh millions more.

A few things I picked up in my time there were;

  1. Not everything is going to kill you. (In fact I only saw like 1 deadly snake the whole time I was there)
  2. Every Aussie will try and encourage you to drink beer morning, noon and night.
  3. Sun strength is mega, wear factor 50.
  4. You have to just ‘be ok’ with the C word. It’s used a lot. Mostly in a kind way weirdly enough. If the word ‘good’ comes before it, then you know you are solid.
  5. Don’t say ‘lets chuck another shrimp on the barbie’ – they hate that.
  6. Having said that, any type of weather is good BBQ weather in their eyes.
  7. When someone asks you ‘How ya goin?’ the appropriate answer is not ‘Well I’ll probably just walk’ (Ugh, made that mistake a lot!) You just reply ‘How ya goin” back. I don’t even, I just don’t know.
  8. Australia is huge.

I have links to most frequently asked questions about Australia under the tab. Hope you can get answers to what you are curious about. If not, feel free to send me a message and I’d be happy to help you! 🙂

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