Why not to make plans!

Are you someone who loves to plan everything down to the last detail?

Well, I guess I wouldn’t say I’ve ever been huge on planning. Before I started my RTW trip I was trying to be super organised. I booked all my flights, I knew what route I’d take. I knew I was going to meet my Mum on a certain date further down the line. I knew where I was staying for most of the trip. I had a various excursions planned. I had it sussed and I felt confident I was doing the right thing. I think it gave my parents some solace knowing what I was going to be doing and where I’d be also.

As soon as I arrived in Asia I checked into the hotel I’d booked. A 2star in Bangkok. I was pleased. I was tired after a long journey and thankful I didn’t have to lug my heavy backpack around the busy streets of Koh San Road.

I think this is the only time I’ve ever stuck to a plan I’ve made in advance.

I quickly realised, I love to wing it. It. Is. So. Much. Fun. You can wake up one morning and decide to go somewhere, meet a group of fellow travellers at the bus stop and decide to go with them to a completely different town or even country! What freedom ehy? For me, this is one of the best parts of traveling.

The amount of times I had arrived somewhere, with the intension of staying 2-3 days. Falling in love with the place, people or culture and staying for 2-3 months instead.

Having a rough plan is just fine. But leave it there. Be free. Let yourself go. It will change you and make you unbelievably carefree and down to earth.

One thing I hear a lot is “Shall we meet up in a couple of weeks, same place, same time?” or “I really want to come and visit you, how about this time next year, Sydney? Meet you there? I’ll book my flight yeah?”. NO! I try my hardest not to commit to anything like this especially the latter. Planning to meet someone in a specific place in a year is pressure you can deal without. Harsh? Maybe yes. But this is your trip. Don’t get caught up in planning around others,  I have done this a couple of times and it messes things up. I tell people that I can’t commit so far in advance, I might not be where I am now, in a year. I’m sorry, you’ll have to ask me closer to the time.

Don’t be afraid. It’s your dream and you need to see it  through!

For me, I didn’t follow my original plan at all. I mean yes, I went to all the places I had decided on going to but not in the order I planned on or the time frame. I am flexible and that has been the best thing leading me onto the most incredible adventures!

The only time I ever plan now, is on a Scuba Dive! So don’t get planning, get doing!

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